Prudence Conservancy publishes an annual newsletter which covers new projects, events, and other important information for our members. These newsletters are posted below to keep you informed.

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Annual Reports
Prudence Conservancy is a private, non-profit organization as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code. Our finances are audited annual by a Certified Public Accountant retained by the Board of Directors. Copies of our annual reports are posted below. In 2011, Prudence Conservancy began incorporating the annual report data within our newsletters to reduce printing and mailing costs to the organization.

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Press Releases
Prudence Conservancy press releases and other news are provided below.

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Landowner Resources
Conservation Easements
You can give or sell a conservation easement to the Conservancy; you can give or sell your land to the Conservancy. A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust that permanently limits uses of the land to protect its conservation values. It allows you to continue to own and use your land and to sell it or pass it on to heirs, but prohibits development.

The Conservancy will make the process of establishing an easement or of deeding your land to the Conservancy as easy as possible. Sometime, we have paid for an easement or for purchasing land; often, the owner has simply given us the easement or the land.

In all cases, we work with the land owner to help the land owner to benefit from lower taxes: securing the special appraisal IRS requires, surveying the land, if necessary, and referring the land owner to experts in the tax law for charitable donations of an easement or of property. It is our responsibility to know how to do this, and to help you.

With a conservation easement, you should expect the taxable value of the land to decrease, with decreased property taxes. If you give either a conservation easement or deed the land to the Conservancy, you should expect the value to be reflected as a charitable donation for income taxes. Of course, if you sell to the Conservancy either the conservation easement or the land, the charitable donation is less. You should make decisions affecting your estate and the ownership and use of your property only after careful consideration and professional consultation with your own legal and financial advisors.

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